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Company Profile
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Ceramed is committed to the work and has been providing us timely service as well as good customer support


About Us

CERAMED offers comprehensive solutions in the Metal Surface Finishing and Super Finishing domain. The offering spans surface solutions for a wide range of verticals, from medical equipments to the aerospace industry. Ceramed specializes in the design and customization of equipments and solutions for achieving polished surfaces catering to industry specifics.

State-of-the-art Ceramed finishing equipments for Descaling, Deburring, Polishing and Super polishing solutions transform surfaces of any dimension and specification. With decades of experience and expertise in the area, Ceramed has established its credence. Known for its creative value and integrity, Ceramed is a preferred solution provider. The process of continuous research and improvements in our products and techniques enables us to provide our customers with innovative custom solutions.

Maintaining high standards of quality and time sensitiveness has been our corner stone of success earning our customers satisfaction and faith in our solutions.


Metal Surface Finishing & Super Finishing