CCF Series
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The Centrifugal High Energy Finishing Machines, the CCF-12 is ideally suited for small intricate components,  delivering high volumes. The  components, the   media and the chemical compound are introduced into the rotating barrel. The machine essentially consists of 4 hexagonal barrels mounted on a rotating turret.


The design enables building up high pressure inside the barrels causing the Ceramic media to rub vigorously against the components thereby imparting the desired finish.

  • Competitive running cost..
  • Direct drive system  ensures trouble  free performance as compared to conventional mechanism.
  • Polyurethane liners/inserts can be easily replaced as they are removable type.
  • Interlock facility is provided for door opening and automatic pressure release system to ensure operator safety.
  • Stainless steel vibratory separator is provided for parts separation.
  • Very simple and easy method for belt tightening.
  • User friendly method of pressure releasing.
  • Deburring
  • Polishing
  • Descaling
  • Super finishing