Rotary Dryer
Model Number :
CRD-500, CRD-1000
Description :

Rotary drier  works on the principle of a  screw conveyor and is used to remove water stains  or moisture that are deposited on the components  that come out of the  Vibro finishing machine / Centrifugal High Energy machines.


The drier is electrically heated.


Drying media such as Corn Cob is used to offer complete moisture removal, apart from delivering a high lustre to the components.

  • Rotary drier provides a heating chamber ideally suited for post  Vibro / Centrifugal  high energy process.
  • Rotary drum ensures free flow of media and components in  circular motion, thus completing moisture removal.
  • It’s simple and robust construction ensures long life and durability.
  • Drying
  • Moisture removal